Upholstered furniture

A set of automated solutions that will allow you to:

A reduction of the assembly time to an average of 8 hours, and up to 3 hours in cases of urgency.
A strong increase in productivity.
Manage a variety of models in one line.
A reduction of your in-courses.
Reduced factory space and storage.
Great ergonomics of work.

Automation and flexibility for the production of upholstered furniture:

Adapted to different processing times.
Adapted to production in small series and on request ..
Fully integrated automation, without load ruptures.
Adapted to each context: factory distribution and automation objectives.
Ergonomic and safe automation.

Transport system and assembly line

Series shorter and shorter, production on request, shorter delivery time, transport with significant weight and volume …

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Integral cushion filling system

Orderly and diversified production, elimination of storage space, reduce handling and transport …

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Automatic sofa packaging line

Packing train fully integrated to the assembly line …

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Special Machines

Workstation integrated to the assembly line, without load breakage, automatic feed by bimanual control …

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Air conveyor for transport and distribution of components

Aerial components conveyor to distribute the work to the different production phases of the sofa.

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Distribution of sofas. Logistic platform.

By means of a conveyor belt of 165 meters, the distribution is made to the different loading areas. This line allows the distribution of all types of products (boxes, sofas, cars, etc.).

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