Transport system and assembly line

Our assembly system responds to the following specific needs of the production of upholstered furniture:


Increasingly short series / production on request.
Deadline for delivery as short as possible.
Great heterogeneity in the times of upholstery and assembly of mechanisms according to the sofa model.
Transport and handling of furniture with a significant weight and volume.

1. Management of cycle times
2. Completely personalized
3. Reduction of time and space
4. Automation that works

1. The management of the different cycle times:

The transport system consists of wooden platforms moved by accumulation rollers, on which the furniture travels without breaking the load from the beginning of the assembly (structure of wood, sheaths and feet) to the loading dock of the finished product.

The platforms are moved according to the availability of a job in each phase of the process, and are controlled by a set of photo-cells along the line and commands operable when a manual task is completed.

While there is no availability, the platforms form a queue waiting for the next available manual post. This concept known as accumulation enables the assembly chain to be adapted to the specific processing time of each model in the stages of upholstery, assembly of mechanism, filling and placement of cushions in their covers and on the sofa.

2. Completely customized projects:

In the phase of the project, all the characteristics of the factory are studied, which will have to adapt the transport chain, integrating lifts, 90º and U-turns, level changes …

3. Reduced assembly time and transport space:

The platforms allow to transport very different models from each other and offer enough space to operate on them in certain phases of the assembly.

The transport system has double height to allow by means of a lower lane the return of the platforms to the beginning of the line.

Flexibility: adapts the speed to the productivity of each process: from 13 to 15 meters per minute.

4. An automation that works!

We have at this moment 19 lines in the market.

Our references in the world of upholstered furniture: