Our company

2000 CC Sistemas is born.
2002 It develops the first line of assemblage of sofas.
2003 Develops 1st fiber treatment line for pillows.
2003 It incorporates the ergonomic stations of works with load-discharge of product.
2004 Develops cutting system of tissue by laser with motif treatment.
2004 Develops automatic packaging system with heat shrink oven.
2005 Incorporates a free tensioning system for fabrics for cutting systems.
2007 Develops customized solutions for the drilling and pressing of seat cushions.
2008 Develops semi-automatic packaging line with bubble film.
2009 Collaborates in the development of continuous cutting with laser for Airbag fabric.
2009 Initiates the commercialization of its products abroad.
2010 Develops low consumption retractable oven for mattresses.
2010 Develops technical fabric alignment system (prepreg & dry fiber) for monolayer cutting machines.
2010 Incorporates RFID for assembly line control.
2011 Develops low tension power system for technical fabrics for 2 layers.
2011 Development of a system for collecting cut pieces for technical fabrics.
2011 Develops combined prepreg & amp; Dry fiber on the same machine.
2012 Develops dual concept of power in the wind sector.
2013 Develops air transport system for pillow management.
2014 Development of automatic threading system for fiberglass.
2015 Development of two independent multilayer cutting system for preforms.
2016 Development of assembly system for chairs and seats.
2017 New facilities and company location.